Tips for Students

Tips for Students

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Self-Disciple for Students

Okay, so, uh... How do you find the cherished self-discipline?

The first one. Awareness of your desires and goals.
In my opinion, it is quite obvious. First of all, it is necessary to properly understand oneself, to determine what is really important for you and what is not. For instance, you have to write an essay, but you can't stand writing, so get some homework help essay writing, it's pretty simple, right? Why do you want to discipline yourself in general? This question is closely related to the meaning of life.

Second. Let's go from the nasty to the nasty
Let the self-discipline business go to waste. Not even so: forget that you need to develop self-discipline. Do what you want to do right now. Want to play? Play! Want to do nothing and stare at the TV at all? You are welcome! Go to bed at 5 a.m.? As much as you want! If you took the previous step seriously, you won't be able to do nonsense for a long time (otherwise you wouldn't read it...). The person constantly aspires to sense of life - however it is shown in those moments when it should not be anything to anybody (and to itself). After a week or so of life without discipline at all, the real understanding of the meaninglessness and emptiness of such life begins to mature.

(I recommend, however, that you observe the "safety technique". For example, ask a friend to talk to you about life in 10 days. Or set yourself a reminder in another way - think of a better way for you. And, of course, to those who want to find self-discipline in order to get rid of bad habits, this step will do little to help)

The third one. Removal of interfering factors
It is not necessary to set yourself overwhelming tasks and better to use any opportunity to facilitate the achievement of self-discipline. As I said before, we need it not by itself, for the sake of abstract self-development, but in order to achieve better results in work, business, training.
Do you work on a computer? Create the special user (in Windows start - the control panel - accounts of users), having left a virgin-clean desktop, having removed labels of toys if it is possible, disconnect the Internet, think up difficult (unforgettable) passwords on mail/aska and write down them on leaflets which can hide far away or to give in custody to colleagues or relatives. Keep these colleagues and loved ones away from the workplace so that they are not distracted by blistering and talking.
Leave yourself alone with your work. Leave yourself no choice but to work.

(Of course, this tactic does not apply to everything, either.)

Fourth. Develop habits
It's a very important, almost universal technique. A lot of things in our lives are habitual, automated, and therefore performed without difficulty. Tell me, do you brush your teeth in the morning and evening? Does it require your willful efforts? I doubt it. The reason is that you have developed this habit a long time ago.
You can also develop other habits in the same way - according to what you want to achieve. If you need self-discipline in terms of a healthy lifestyle, learn how to exercise or chew correctly. If you want to develop it for the sake of effective work, develop a habit of not being distracted when you work.
The important rule is that it makes no sense to develop several habits at once. Concentrate on one. Make yourself act as you should. Decided that it would be good to lie down no later than eleven - so, within a week or two, you put yourself into bed by force. Usually 10-15 days is enough to develop a habit. Gradually you will have to make less and less effort to do what is necessary. And one day the habit will fit so well into your life that you will wonder how else you can.

The fifth. Build a strong skeleton of the day
This "step" is linked to the previous one. The essence is this: you do not just develop useful and necessary habits, and the right habits, tied for a certain time. For example, get up and lie down at a certain time, do exercises and so on. Attached to a certain time habit organizes and disciplines itself, starting from it to do what is necessary much easier. Let there be several points of reference for self-discipline during the day. Among other things, these anchor points will help you to perform the minimum program when your goals are achieved.

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